I have been seeing Sylvia at Sanctuary Massage since 2011. Recommended by a friend, she eased me through the aches and pains of my first pregnancy. Her knowledge of pregnancy massage and aromatherapy gave me great relief, particularly towards the end of the pregnancy when fatigue set in. I have continued to see Sylvia regularly for remedial massage and a second pregnancy since. She is ever professional, polite and continues to remain up to date with her therapy knowledge and techniques. I can recommend her whole heartedly to anyone seeking a great therapist for some pain relief or plain old relaxation. Amy Treble, February 2014

Having been in a serious road accident some years ago, I have one leg shorter than the other, besides other physical issues. I was going regularly to an osteopath for treatment and he is fantastic, but recommended Sylvia as a support to his treatment. I had received a lot of remedial massage over the years, but Sylvia provided the best treatment I had ever experienced. She is very professional and thorough and her unique bed system adds comfort to the experience. As a result of Sylvia’s massages, I rarely need to go to my osteopath anymore for chronic pain and discomfort. I have recommended Sanctuary Massage to many satisfied friends and family. Jenny Menso, February 2014

Hi Sylvia, Just wanted to say a big thank you for my massage yesterday! For the first morning I woke with no headache and have felt great all day! First day in a week with no pain killers!! So thank you again, you are amazing!! Rowena T.

I have been a client of Sanctuary Massage and Aromatherapy since I moved from California in 2002. As a qualified massage therapist myself, I found it very difficult to find a good local masseuse.  Finally after many expensive disappointments, I happened upon Sylvia’s service when I was 5 months pregnant.   I have been a happy regular since that time, and she has supported me  through pregnancy, breastfeeding, back injury and shoulder injury all with equal ease.  Sylvia’s easy going professionalism, attention to detail, consistency and thoughtfulness coupled with her excellent technical skills make every visit a simple, nurturing delight.  I highly recommend Sanctuary Massage and Aromatherapy to anyone looking for a consistent high quality remedial or relaxation experience. Chris J.

After my massage I felt blissed out and realised how much I had been stressed out, I returned to a pleasant and balanced state of being. Truly the best thing in the world. Thank you Sylvia. Ros B.

Sylvia Scully has been my monthly massage therapist for over 6 years and she is sheer bliss, I thoroughly recommend her. Sylvia is a highly professional, caring person and tailors your massage to suit your needs. The best night’s sleep is always after Sylvia’s massage! Jodi E.

I have had a massage every 5 to 6 weeks with various massage therapists over the last 15 years and have found no one who compares to the massages I have had with Sylvia. I would recommend Sylvia to anyone who requires a real “deep” tissue massage or just wants a very relaxing experience. Jacqueline S.

Oohhhh as I sit here at my teacher desk, I am looking forward to having another one of Sylvia’s relaxing but oohhhh it hits the spot (or spots) massages. She works wonders on this Early Childhood Prep teacher’s back and from personal experience comes highly recommended! Josie Kelly.

I hate junk mail but I received a promo piece from Sanctuary some three years ago. So I decided to make an appointment. Now, there are masseurs and then there are masseurs. All I will say is Sylvia really knows her craft. Vangelis Hondroudakis.

I heard about Sylvia’s fantastic massages from work colleagues raving about her. Sylvia has a calming presence and her house has a lovely, warm, relaxing atmosphere. Her massages are heavenly; I often fall into a deep sleep as I am so relaxed. I would recommend Sylvia to anyone thinking of having a massage! Angie, Sales Representative

Going to Sylvia’s is like going on a mini holiday- I start to relax as soon as I walk in the door and always walk out feeling a million times better. A Daniel, accountant.

I always look forward to a massage with Sylvia. She is a great therapist and a lovely person, and the surroundings are so relaxing and peaceful. She is very generous with her talents and time. Annabel Farrell.

I have been coming to see Sylvia for the last 12 years. Over the period of time Sylvia has become more of a friend than a massage therapist, and is always willing to listen and share life’s experiences. She has the intuitive ability to know exactly what aromatherapy oils my body needs at a particular time. Her massages range from relaxing to invigorating, depending on what is required. I always feel renewed after her massages. Susan K.

I first visited Sanctuary Massage 6 years ago. Sylvia is always extremely professional in her approach and the surroundings help to make the whole experience a relaxing and peaceful one. In our busy lives and fast world it is comforting to find such a great place and someone who is willing to take the time to make the experience very personal. Thanks Sylvia ! Vicki.

Sylvia has a special sixth sense, always knowing when I need something extra special. Sometimes I turn up and she has lit the candles in the middle of the day, because of something she “knew”. Every massage is personalised, from the aromatherapy oils to how she treats my muscles. It is always a treat and even a half hour seems to go on, and on. CC, Social Worker.

Over the decade that I have been a customer of Sylvia’s, I have enjoyed blissful, calming and restorative massages.  Her personalised business, set in relaxing surroundings, is of a consistent high standard.  Her comprehensive knowledge and holistic approach are reflected in her genuine and unique business. Susan F

“A massage with Sanctuary Massage and Aromatherapy is divine. For me it is an hour of complete and utter relaxation. It is an hour where I allow my mind to let go of all stress as my body sinks into the contoured relaxation table. Sylvia is an expert in her field and I would highly recommend her over others. I always feel completely refreshed after one of her massages”. Melissa K.

“I have been coming to Sylvia for several years and not only enjoy a wonderful massage every time but have also come to know Sylvia as a genuinely caring lady. Sylvia has seen me through two pregnancies and with that came a lot of back and muscle aches and pains. Not only has Sylvia’s magic hands been a wonderful source of pain relief but she has also been a great source of information about how to look after my back. Thank you for everything Sylvia”. Kym Hammond.

With Sylvia you have a combination of experience, professionalism, empathy, technical skills and a caring, calm and nurturing approach which inspires confidence in her clients and helps you relax from the moment you walk through the door”  Mary K Teacher