What sort of massage should I choose?

This depends. Are you stressed or having trouble sleeping? Do you have a headache or are your back, neck and shoulders tight and sore? Do you want to just completely relax? We will talk in detail so we can work out what is the best massage to relieve your symptoms.

What should I expect on my first visit?

We will discuss what you want out of the massage and then I will get you to fill in a confidential form which asks questions about your health and lifestyle. We will talk about any conditions that need to be addressed and the sort of massage that will best suit your needs. I will also explain how I use essential oils in the massage. I will answer any questions you may have so that you are informed and relaxed before your massage.

Where will my massage session take place?

Your massage will take place in a comfortable, quiet room with soft music playing in the background. You will be massaged on a hydraulic table with a body cushion designed for your comfort.

What should I wear during the massage? Do I have to completely undress?

You should undress only to the level you are comfortable with. If you are having your back, neck and shoulders massaged, you may choose to just take off your top. You will be covered with a towel or sheet during the massage and only the body parts being worked on will be uncovered.

Can I talk during my massage?

If you like to talk go ahead. The massage is about you relaxing and enjoying the experience. Many people feel more relaxed talking a little at the start of their massage and find that as the massage progresses, they enter a quieter state of relaxation. In my experience, you will get more out of your massage if you are able to quieten your mind, however never be afraid to speak up if something is bothering you during your massage.

Will the massage hurt?

I will moderate the pressure I use according to your feedback. Everyone has a different pain threshold and I will always ask you to tell me if the pressure I use is comfortable for you. I believe that if a massage is too hard and causes unnecessary pain, your body will tense up and resist the massage, negating the relaxation effect.

How will I feel after the massage?

Most people feel relaxed and sometimes a bit ‘spacey’ especially if this is their first massage. This will only last for a short period, then you will notice an increase in energy, heightened awareness and increased productivity which can last for days. Some experience a significant decrease in or freedom from long term aches and pains. You may also be slightly sore the next day so a warm shower or bath when you get home is recommended. After a massage you should increase your water intake a little as this will help keep your body tissues hydrated and healthy as well as help flush out any toxins.

How often should I have a massage?

This will vary from person to person. I believe that regular massages are an effective and enjoyable way of keeping in good health and recommend at least 1 a month to ensure this. For those who have a specific or ongoing condition I recommend more frequent visits.

I am 7 months pregnant, how can I have a massage without lying on my belly?

My special cushioning system, the bodyCushion, allows you to lie face down, but fully supported on the bony structures of your body (the sternum down the middle of your chest and your hip bones). No weight is put on your belly. This position is safe and very comfortable for pregnant women especially in the last trimester, as it takes pressure off your back.

What happens if I need to cancel my appointment?

There are always times in our lives when we are unable to keep an appointment. If you need to cancel your appointment, please give me at least 24 hours notice or you will be charged for the appointment unless it can be filled. Emergency cancellations are determined at my discretion.

massage on a body cushionbody cushion

massage on a body cushion