Why choose Sanctuary?

  • Aromatic essential oils combined with the soothing power of massage have an enormous therapeutic effect on the mind and body. Each time you visit, an individual massage blend using pure essential oils will be made up for you. You will benefit from the sound massage techniques of an experienced therapist and the therapeutic properties of the essential oils.
  • As a qualified aromatherapist with a Diploma of Aromatherapy, you can be assured that every blend I make up for your massage will be safe, effective and made up with your particular needs in mind.
  • You will be massaged on a body cushion and experience the most comfortable massage you have ever had. Developed in 1986, the bodyCushion is used by more than 100,000 professionals worldwide, from massage therapists to rehabilitation specialists. Our bodies are not naturally flat and this is why lying on a flat massage table can get uncomfortable. Back muscles can actually tighten up when lying face down on a flat surface. The bodyCushion has a contoured design created for maximum comfort. It is completely adjustable so whatever your shape and size, whether you are lying face down or face up, your body will be fully supported, pressure on your spine will be relieved and your muscles will completely relax.
  • Sanctuary Massage & Aromatherapy is situated in a quiet street in leafy Ashgrove, with plenty of on street parking. We are only 5 minutes from Bardon, The Gap, Paddington, Rosalie, Toowong and 5 kms from Brisbane city. There are no bustling shopping centres or main roads to deal with after your massage.


massage on a body cushion

Massage on a bodyCushion