Welcome to Sanctuary Massage & Aromatherapy, where we provide therapeutic and aromatherapy massage in a professional, nurturing and relaxing environment.

Whether you want to reduce your stress levels, loosen tight muscles, relieve a headache, ease back pain or just want to relax and ‘chill out’, we are passionate about helping you achieve this by giving you the most appropriate massage for your needs when you come to see us.

  • Arrive feeling stressed, unable to unwind, mentally fatigued, head pounding, muscles tight and aching.
  • Leave Sanctuary feeling relaxed and uplifted, and return to daily life with renewed energy, ready to face the world again.
  • From the moment you walk through the door, the fragrance of aromatic essential oils will touch your senses and you will begin to unwind, feeling your stress start to slip away.
  • During your massage you will feel your body relax as your muscles loosen, your pain lessens and your headache melts away through massage techniques designed to get the best results for you.

Visit Sanctuary Massage & Aromatherapy today, where we are changing the way you feel……